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White Sand and Stone
Massage & Bodywork
Mike Kirsch

Session Offering: Perfect Blend Bodywork

As its name suggests, this offering is the perfect blend of effective bodywork modalities including Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue and more. It is therapeutic muscle work teamed with a holistic approach and a soothing spa-like feel.  Expect to leave relaxed, aligned and open.  You are in good hands :)

Because my practice is by referral only this is a private webpage so be sure to bookmark and save this link for future bookings!


       75 minute Perfect Blend Bodywork -              $185

       90 minute Perfect Blend Bodywork -              $210

        2 hour Perfect Blend Bodywork -                   $250

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Any discounts/deals will be honored in person. 

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The massage studio...


Thai Massage is traditionally done on super soft floor mats with plenty of cushions, bolsters and pillows for added comfort. 

The building's lobby/front desk...

Front Desk & Lobby.jpg

Most people's reaction when walking in...
"This is much nicer than I expected!" :)

About Mike...

Mike has been a professional dancer, personal trainer, yoga teacher and massage/bodywork practitioner in NYC for many years.   He has always had a love for movement and expression of the physical body. He earned his Level II Thai Yoga Massage and Bodywork certification from Lotus Palm (Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork), along with his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and his Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification from Sonic Yoga in NYC.  

His vast physical training and background has helped to shape his approach to bodywork.  Expect to be met with open communication about your body’s needs and any concerns you might have.  Mike tends to work mostly with fitness enthusiasts, athletes, dancers and yogis.  That is his background so he understands their body's needs and has perfected his approach with this client in mind.    


What Clients Are Saying...

Subject (3).png
"Mike has been my go-to guy for massage for many years.  I'm a huge fan and couldn't recommend him more!"

- Dr. Cole Turner

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