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Alpha Qi Fraternity
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Brotherhood based in health, wellness and personal development. 

Who We Are...

Alph Qi is a NYC based fraternity that explores men's physical, mental, emotional, sexual and energetic mastery through group dynamics and individualized professional coaching.   

Alpha Qi programs examine different areas of holistic health and mindbody practices from both modern day and ancient techniques/sciences to find what works best for each individual.  

Or maybe you'll resonate better with this description...Alpha Qi is a cocks out fuck societal norms gay ass hippy fraternity! Let’s get some awesome dudes together, get naked, do some ancient healing practices, work towards goals, support each other, enjoy life and work towards being our best selves!

How to become a member...

Membership is by referral from current members only. Then there is an approval process that involves current head members. Ideal members are men who have either already begun their personal development journey or those who have a true desire to learn.   Ideal members are also physically fit, open minded, good communicators and are looking to connect with other health conscious men.  The physical fitness component is not to be underestimated so we don't take the physically fit requirement lightly.  The programs are more about upping your game than starting your journey. 

After you have been referred and approved, you must complete the 6 Week Pledging Program (see below for more info) After that, you can then complete any future programs with members of your choosing. 

Why naked?

For so many reasons that there is a 4 week pre-membership course coming soon on the positive effects of living a natural nudist life.  This course will be for potential members that aren't quite ready to dive in cock first and might need to dip their balls in first to test the waters ;)   During this course we will tackle what reasons might be holding you back from being naked in front of other men including insecurities, body dysmorphia, fears of natural penis function (like boners or shrinkage), societal norms and peer judgement.  We'll talk about the harmful effects of strapping our penises down our whole lives, not allowing our genitals to hang and function properly and not letting our balls and buttholes get the much needed sun exposure and how this all effects our  mental and physical health.  This program will start as clothed as you need to be and we will work to strip down barriers and clothes a little more week by week. We'll create a safe space to explore the freeing effects of nudism and hopefully by the end of this 4 week journey you'll be an unshackled and less fear based man living your best nudist life! And ready to jump in to the 6 Week Pledging Program!

Is this a cult? 

Nope! :) Though there are Alpha Qi life betterment principles provided through the pro coaching aspect, the core of Alpha Qi is based in self autonomy.  Through self exploration, coaching and group discussions with your brothers you ultimately decide what your self betterment journey will entail.  Your program, goals and approach will be unique to you as it is created by you.  Everyone is encouraged to think for themselves and to encourage their brothers to do the same.  Members are also encouraged to be tolerant, open minded and kind to someone from a different ideological background.  Let's embrace our differences and learn and grow from each other. 

Whitewashed Wood

In order to become an Alpha Qi Member you must start by completing the Pledging Program.  We will meet one night a week for 6 weeks.  Each Pledging Program meeting is two and a half hours. 

How we will spend our time together...

1st Half Of Each Weekly Meeting:  Move/Breath/Align


Each meeting starts with our signature hour long class called Alpha Qi Athletics.  Our athletics class was created specifically with the male body and spirit in mind. The goal is to elevate your athleticism, mindset and vitality to the next level.  There are no restraints on what types of movements or systems we will explore. Expect a wide blend of physical and energetic modalities from the worlds of fitness, yoga, tantra/sexual kung fu, mobility, dance, qigong, tai qi, breath-work, moving meditation, self massage, primal/animal movement and more. Expect to be challenged physically and mentally.  Expect to learn, move and breathe differently than you have before.   

2nd Half Of Each Weekly Meeting: Talk/Connect/Plan

Throughout our time together you will work on your "2.0 You" mission statement which will continuously evolve during the 6 weeks as you learn and grow.  Each week will have a new deep dive topic along with a bit of guided coaching and a lot of individual discoveries through group discussions and dynamics. These topics will help to guide you as you create your rituals (aka...habits/goals). Creating your own daily/weekly rituals is a large part of this pledging program and you will learn how best to explore and approach this process for yourself.  Rituals can be as simple or involved as you would like them to be.  Each week you will also have a new accountability buddy (your big bro!) that will help keep you on track between meetings. 





  • Week I: Pillars to designing your best life & your 2.0 mission statement

  • Week II:  Behavior change, rituals, habits and goal setting

  • Week III:  Community, tribe and brotherhood

  • Week IV:  Men's health and wellness in the modern era

  • Week V:  Men's primal sexuality, nudism, kink and sexual exploration

  • Week VI:  Reflection and how best to move forward from here

Weekly deep dive discussion overview...

Brothers will not touch each other intimately inside the context of this pledging program.  The coach/facilitator may do some hands on adjustments and massage moments with member's permission.  You should however be ok with being within close proximity to your naked brothers, open to eye contact, exploring each other visually/energetically and possible non-sensual touch.  Future courses (once becoming a member) might have more sexually involved and touch friendly programming.  Each course will have a detailed description on levels of touch and intimacy.  


Invest in yourself, Invest in your community

Is there intimate/sensual touch component to the pledging program?

FAQ's about pledging...

Who will the other members of my pledge class be?

You will have prior knowledge and say in who your pledge brothers are! This is one unique component that sets Alpha Qi aside from other health and wellness programs.  Before agreeing to do any program you have the ability to see and approve who the other potential members are. This will help ensure that you are not coming in blind to the group so you can relax and focus on completing this exciting journey with your new brothers.  You may even have the opportunity to create your own pledge class of just your close friends.  

Total Pricing for 6 Week Journey 

  • 3 person pledge class - $475 per person

  • 4 person pledge class - $450 per person 

  • 5 person pledge class - $425 per person

  • Inquire for larger pledge class pricing will TBD as it would involve space rentals 


What if I have a conflict for one or more of the meetings?

What members are saying about the 6 Week Pledging Program...

Alph Qi is a NYC based fraternity that explores men's physical, mental, emotional, sexual and energetic mastery through group dynamics and individualized coaching.   

About Mike...

Mike has been a professional dancer, personal trainer, yoga teacher and massage/bodywork practitioner in NYC for many years.   He has always had a love for movement and expression of the physical body. He earned his Level II Thai Yoga Massage and Bodywork certification from Lotus Palm (Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork), along with his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and his Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification from Sonic Yoga in NYC.  


His vast physical training and background has helped to shape his approach to bodywork.  Expect to be met with open communication about your body’s needs and any concerns you might have.  His massage/bodywork is for anyone from a super active athlete to the average person who might sit behind a desk for many hours a day. 


What Clients Are Saying...

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"Mike has been my go-to guy for massage for many years.  I'm a huge fan and couldn't recommend him more!"

- Dr. Cole Turner

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